More Firms are Redefining their Greatest Assets

By Chuck Ferguson – Corban University

More than ever, businesses now realize their greatest assets are, in fact, inside – inside their top leadership and other employees.

Inside, after all, is where we store our core values. And it’s what is inside that drives our behaviors. Crafts our thoughts. Shapes our words. Defines our relationships. Determines how we value ourselves and others. Influences our decisions.

Of course, what’s inside isn’t always transparent and accessible to others. At our core, are we Careless? Reckless? Profiteers? Rascals? Pirates? Or Service Leaders?

The delicate fabric can be very thin between what exists on the inside and what we confront on the outside. So, I don’t think you can work for a company if its core values don’t line up with your own core values. You can’t lead a company – or be led by one – that doesn’t believe the same things you do.

On my first day of work, my first boss said, “Chuck, two things to get you started. First, we’re thrilled you’re here. Second, leave your private life out in the parking lot. When you come to work, you’re on our time, not your time.”

You cannot say that to people today. Our private life, who we really are inside, determines whether we ultimately build up or tear down the company where we work.

As a result, both for-profit and non-profit corporations alike are redefining their greatest assets. After all, no company wants a bunch of rascals or pirates destroying them from the inside out. Instead, they want a team of service leaders whose core values permeate everything.

To say the least, inside-focused Service Leadership is more than a new way of looking at what one does, and how he or she does it. It’s a new way of understanding yourself, your leadership roles, your spheres of influence, your vision, your relationships with others, and how much good you can achieve for years to come.

The benchmark of a great organization begins with acknowledging that people and relationships are our most valuable assets.

Tomorrow’s most successful for-profits and non-profits will be led by board members, executives, staff, and strategic partners who understand, personalize, and apply the foundational principles and best practices of inside-focused Service Leadership.

So, how do we increase our company’s value? We increase it by cultivating a continuous, ongoing service-centered work ethic that empowers individuals with respect, value, and the ability to work at their fullest potential.

How else do we increase our firm’s value? We increase it by learning, understanding, and living out the core principles of:

  • The Indomitable Spirit
  • Relational Leadership
  • Leading from the Heart
  • Values Driven Leadership
  • Leading Without Power
  • Leadership Above the Line

Business leaders be warned: Neglect what’s inside to your own peril.

Among his many credits, Chuck Ferguson serves as a visiting professor at Corban University’s School of Business, where he will be teaching an MBA elective June 12-14, 2012. For more details, log onto

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Chuck Ferguson
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