Programs from Previous Construction Alliance Meetings

Energy Efficiency

Jonny Holz, LEED AP
Portland Energy Conservation, Inc./EnergyTrust of Oregon

  • Funding comes through rate payers; the public purpose charge of 3% goes mostly to the EnergyTrust which then is used to promote EnergyTrust’s energy conservation projects.
  • Commercial New Buildings Program – EnergyTrust gets involved at the first initial ideas of the project and works to create an energy efficient building.
  • Commercial Building Programs – EnergyTrust will come into an existing building to evaluate lighting, boilers, etc. to see where the building could be improved in order to be more efficient.
  • EnergyTrust will come in and meet with the builders, designing engineer, architect and determine where the company can design a cost-effective approach to energy efficiency.
  • There is $25,000 – $500,000 available depending on the building; an example of a $500,000 building would be a school where there is a lot of energy savings.
  • Any project can apply for BETC & cash incentives. Separate application is sent to BETC and some require an analysis.
  • The earlier EnergyTrust is involved in the project, the better.

Visit their website to

  • Company fills out a quick form to make them eligible
  • There is an incentive application
  • Custom calculations
  • Energy Evaluation
  • Identify details
  • The program has funding through 2025, and Jonny sees no end to the program

Sub-Contractors can also get involved and apply for a project, they would just need to call and check if the project is involved and if not, the sub-contractor would take the lead.

On the EnergyTrust website there is a “Find a Contractor” tab which lists Company, Zip Code, Program and Services. Each of the Members of the Alliance can take advantage of this by getting in touch with the Trade Ally Coordinator.

EnergyTrust is also working to come up with a calculator system that contractors can use as a navigation tool in the sales process. Jack asked that everyone build an additional awareness around educating on the different energy opportunities and what incentives can be used to take full advantage of those opportunities.

Jonny Holz’s contact information is as follows:

Jonny Holz, LEED AP
Outreach Manager
Portland Energy Conservation, Inc. (which is a Partner to EnergyTrust of Oregon)

New Buildings, Program Management Contractor
1400 SW 5th Ave., Suite 700
Portland, OR 97201
(503) 593-1658 Cell
(503) 961-7642 Fax
or visit

Kelley Marold (PGE)
PGE’s Wind Energy Involvement

  • Orion Energy Seeks Approval for New Wind Project in OR in August of 2005, PGE was connected with Orion and acquired land in 2006 to complete a project with 225 wind turbines with 450 mega watts of power generation. PGE has worked with Vestas and Siemens Power Generation who are wind turbine manufacturers.
  • By December 2007, they had 35 turbines completed.
  • They just finished Phase 2; they now have 65 turbines which is 150 megawatts.
  • Phase 3 will start next April, with a goal to get to 450 mega watts by next year.
  • Wind is very competitive and the subsidies are substantial.
  • With each turbine, the infrastructure needs are building roads, substations, ONM, power lines, communications lines, concrete foundations.
  • There are 3 or 4 section towers, there is a cell in which holds all of the main equipment, each turbine requires an acre to sit on and there needs to be approximately 10 acres around the turbine.
  • The turbines are built at the top of the hill so they can get the prevailing wind.
  • The turbine’s load picks up in the morning as the sun comes up and the wind picks up. The load picks up again when the sun starts to go down.
  • PGE’s grid is the West, which would be west from the Rockies, they trade with California or Arizona, and have only had to import from Texas once since Kelley has worked there.
  • PGE is relying on Vestas & Siemens to maintain the towers, which will employ 20 people onsite and then PGE will eventually add employees to be able to have 7-8 employees for oversight.
  • For the Construction Alliance, PGE hires a contractor for the roadwork and foundation work.

They hire a contractor for the substation, the ONM, etc. Kelley said that PGE asks for bids and they like to support local suppliers first. He also recommended that the contractors contact the turbine manufacturers directly to get more involved.


Siemens Power Generation

Roch Naleway spoke briefly about PGE’s Save More, Matter More campaign

Local businesses like yours are saving energy, controlling expenses and helping the environment. Find out what you might win and how to make a difference for your business, at Make a pledge and enter to win!

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