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Trucking: The engine of Oregon's economy

Wednesday, February 20, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Kristine Thomas
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The trucking industry is a barometer of Oregon’s economy. Stagnant trucks means deliveries aren't being made. And if goods cannot be shipped, it means factories are not producing, leading to consumers not purchasing. Trucks on Oregon's highways, freeways and streets indicate our economy is moving along. Unfortunately, the trucking industry is facing several challenges, which could impact all our lives. 


At the February SEDCOR Economic Business Forum Lunch, Oregon Trucking Association President/CEO Jana Jarvis shared how the modern trucking industry operates in every aspect of economic life from delivering furniture to retail goods to construction materials.


Jarvis discussed how possible Oregon Legislative changes; shipping costs; rising fuel costs; and port availability could impact the industry. A member of ODOT’s task force on autonomous vehicles, Jarvis shared her knowledge on driver-assisted technology as well as how her organization is working to change the image of truck drivers.

To view her PowerPoint, click Trucking.