Business Incentives

Credits, loans, and other programs for Mid-Willamette Valley businesses

The Mid-Willamette Valley has a modest, business-friendly tax policy. Both Oregon State and the three counties support this vibrant area’s ongoing economic development. Companies locating or expanding in the region have access to a variety of business incentives, from program-specific tax breaks to location-based tax deferrals.

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Enterprise Zones

In exchange for locating or expanding into an enterprise zone, eligible businesses receive exemption from property taxes on new plants and equipment for at from three to five years. Most cities in the Mid-Willamette Valley

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E-Commerce Zone:

The City of Salem is also designated an Electronic Commerce Zone. Companies that do 51 percent or more of their business via the internet may qualify for up to a 25 percent income tax credit.

Strategic Investment Program

Traded-sector businesses can exempt a portion of large capital investments from property taxes with the Strategic Investment Program. “Traded sector” is defined as “industries in which member firms sell their goods or services into markets for which national or international competition exists.” The program can offer exceptional benefits in terms of net present value.


For up to two years, all structures and heavy equipment are exempt from taxation. This exemption is available for each year, in which on January 1 the facility has been neither placed in service nor used or occupied for intended, commercial operations.

The Oregon Investment Advantage

This program helps businesses start or locate in a number of Oregon counties by providing a multi-year income tax deduction (on new business operations), potentially eliminating state business tax liability during an eight- or nine-year period after operations begin.

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Oregon Industrial Development Bonds

Tax-exempt bonds issued by the state of Oregon provide long-term debt financing at a rate below prime for land, buildings and equipment. These finance job creation and business growth for traded-sector, value-added manufacturers and processors.

Oregon Express Bond Program

This program uses much less paperwork and highly standardized documents to save borrowers time and money during the borrowing process. Express Bonds are placed with the borrower’s bank, and may be feasible for financing projects within the $500,000 to $5 million cost range.

Oregon Credit Enhancement Fund (CEF)

This program insures the repayment of loans made by lenders that provide working capital or fixed-asset financing to businesses. It can assist businesses using proceeds to clean up a brownfield site. It can include loans used for fixed assets, working capital or export financing, and it can insure term loans and lines of credit. Available through June 30, 2015.

Oregon Business Development Fund (OBDF)

A revolving loan fund that provides long-term fixed-rate financing for land, buildings, equipment, machinery and permanent working capital. A participant must create or retain jobs and must be a traded-sector business in manufacturing, processing or distribution.

Oregon Capital Access Program (CAP)

The CAP helps lenders make more commercial loans to small businesses and provides capital for startup or expansion. CAP is used for most business purposes, except to purchase or improve residential housing or real property not used for business operations, or for refinancing an existing balance of a non-enrolled loan. All types of loans and lines of credit are available.

Entrepreneurial Development Loan Fund

Provides direct loans to help start-ups, micro-enterprises and small businesses expand or become established in Oregon. This fund fills a niche not provided through traditional lending markets. Loans are a maximum amount of $100,000, a maximum term and amortization of 5 years and a fixed interest rate of Prime plus 2% APR.

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State Energy Loan Program (SELP)

The SELP promotes energy conservation and renewable energy resource development. The program offers low-interest loans for projects that save energy; produce energy from renewable resources such as water, wind, geothermal, solar, biomass, waste materials or waste heat; use recycled materials to create products; or use alternative fuels.

On-the-Job Training Program

This is a hire-first program. The trainee is employed by the company that provides the training. This is not subsidized employment. OJT training payments to employers are compensation to the employer for the extraordinary costs associated with training participants and lower productivity of the participants during the training period.

Energy Trust of Oregon

Energy Trust of Oregon, Inc., is a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing how Oregonians use energy by promoting energy efficiency and clean renewable energy for Oregon customers of Pacific Power, Portland General Electric and NW Natural. The Energy Trust offers Oregonians cash incentives for energy-efficient improvements by new and existing businesses.

Small Business Loan Programs

The Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Governments provides assistance to businesses with government finance programs. The incentives are designed to help companies expand or start new ventures by providing loan packaging and assistance services for loan programs and obtaining financing from private sector lenders. Visit

Contact SEDCOR for details and application: 503-588-6225.