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Who Is A Farmer: Short Doc Video

Let's dive deep into the world of the independent, family-owned farm.

Who Is A Farmer: Molly McCargar of Pearmine Farms

"I think people think farming is easy."

Molly McCargar is a fourth-generation farmer at Pearmine Farms in Gervais, Oregon. Gervais is just outside of Salem, in the heart of the Willamette Valley. Pearmine Farms is one of the many independent, family-owned, industrial farms in the Valley.

They grow nearly a dozen different crops for multiple uses and end users. Those in our region's agricultural supply chain are some of the most creative, innovative, and adaptive people we know. They adapt to wild markets, extreme weather, and fickle consumer preferences. Yet, they still manage to do the impossible and make enough food and fiber for all of us.

"I honestly don't know how to describe it. You just have to be a part of it."


Interview and Story by Michael Dallas Miller

Filming and Editing by Bryce Funk of High Sierra Collective 

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