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Create Opportunities in the Willamette Valley

Now, more than ever, our region needs to secure its economic future. It needs new opportunities, new ideas, new partnerships, a new vision.

That’s why we are hard at work with our public and private partners, making connections, building relationships, bringing people together, delivering valuable information-- we are creating opportunities.

As a SEDCOR member, you can take advantage of the opportunities we create and get help creating your own. Our partners are now your partners. Our resources are now your resources.

You get unlimited access to our team all year. Plus, your support gives other traded-sector businesses that same access.

Become a SEDCOR Member

  • Yearly membership
  • Your business listed in our members-only directory
  • Discount on in-person event registrations
  • Discount on sponsorship and print advertising opportunities
  • PAY IT FORWARD: We help you - You support us - We help others

Supporting SEDCOR Is Easy

  1. Learn about our membership pricing structure.
  2. Create your new membership.
  3. Our membership year begins each July and lasts all year.
  4. Pro-rated dues may be available for new members who join mid-year; no need to wait!

View our pricing list.


Contact us if you need assistance: Jenni Kistler, Director of Operations,

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