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Enterprise Zones

Cities and counties in Oregon have joined together to create enterprise zones to foster employment opportunities, development, and local competitiveness.

The Enterprise Zone is a 3-year or 3 to 5-year property tax abatement program. In order to qualify, an eligible firm must be making new investment in construction or equipment to leased or owned property within the Enterprise Zone boundary and must be creating new or additional jobs. Once an authorized company enters into the program, it will receive full tax abatement on all qualified property during the time period, consecutively, as long as annual compliance with program requirements is met.



New companies to the area that are eligible for the program must create at least one new job, while existing companies must expand employment by at least 10 percent in the first year to be eligible. Non-qualifying employers include retail, commercial, most services, and other non-business-to-business operations. The total minimum investment required is $50,000.

Eligible investments are new real property improvements (including buildings), major site improvements, large or immobile equipment and tools. Non-qualifying investments include land, existing buildings, existing equipment, most rolling stock (forklifts, delivery trucks) and most personal property. There are no limits to the number of times a company may use the zone.



Extended five year exemptions, an extension of the standard three-year exemption, must be approved by the zone sponsor. To qualify, companies must pay an average of 150 percent of the average wage (covered employment payroll for all employers) in total compensation, which can include non-mandatory benefits such as vacation pay, medical insurance, bonuses, overtime, profit sharing, and retirement contributions.

The Enterprise Zone offers traded-sector employers (companies that sell goods or services outside the local area and expand its economic base) and other eligible companies three (3) to five (5) year property tax exemptions on certain new capital investments that create jobs in the designated areas.

Oregon Business Development Department

Oregon’s enterprise zones offer a unique resource to Oregon communities, and an excellent opportunity for businesses growing or relocating in Oregon. Enterprise zones exempt businesses from local property taxes on new plants and equipment for three to five years in a standard zone, and up to 15 years in a rural zone.

To learn more about Oregon's Enterprise Zones, click incentives.

Click Oregon Enterprise Zone Map to view the map

Information on Local Enterprise Zones

Many Mid-Willamette Valley cities participate in the Oregon Enterprise Zone program to encourage the creation of new industrial and manufacturing jobs in their communities. Qualified firms may obtain a three- year, 100 percent property tax exemption on new plant and equipment;  an extended four- or five-year property tax exemption is available when additional local requirements are met. Several communities offer other incentives to eligible Enterprise Zone projects included rebates of certain building permit fees and expedited review. For additional information, please see the list of Mid-Willamette Valley Enterprise Zone contacts below.


SEDCOR partners with cities in Marion, Polk and Yamhill counties on economic development. Our staff can assist with Enterprise Zone questions and projects. Please call us at 502-588-6225 or email a staff member.


Dallas | Rickreall Enterprise Zone - Polk County

For information, call 503-831-3556 or visit City of Dallas website for complete details.

To view zone, click map.

Independence Enterprise Zone - Polk County

For information, call 503-837-1191 or visit Independence Enterprise Zone for complete details.

To view zone, click map.

Monmouth Enterprise Zone - Polk County

For information call 503-751-0146 or visit City of Monmouth website for complete details.

To view zone, click map.

Newberg Enterprise Zone - Yamhill County

For information, call 503-537-1212 or visit City of Newberg website for complete details.

To view zone, click map.

North Marion Enterprise Zone - Marion County

For the cities of Aurora, Donald and Hubbard. To view city's webpage, click on each city.

City of Aurora or call 503-678-1283

City of Donald or call 503-678-5543

City of Hubbard or call 503-981-9633

To view zone , click North Marion Enterprise Zone Map.


North Santiam Enterprise Zone - City of Stayton, Marion County

For information, call 503-769-3425 or visit City of Stayton for complete details.

To view zone, click map.

Salem Enterprise Zone

Click Enterprise for the City of Salem's website.

To view zone, click map.

For information, call Erik Andersson at 503-588-6225 or send an email.


Silverton/Mt. Angel Enterprise Zone - Marion County

For information, call 503-874-2205 or visit City of Silverton's webpage

To view zone, click map.

West Valley Enterprise Zone - Cities of Sheridan and Willamina - Polk and Yamhill

City of Sheridan or call 503-843-2347

City of Willamina or call 503-876-2242

To view zone, click West Valley Enterprise Zone Map

Woodburn-Gervais Enterprise Zone- Marion County

For information, call 503-980-6319 or visit Woodburn's website for complete details.

To view zone, click Woodburn-Gervais Enterprise Zone.

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