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3 Tips to Install New Tech in Your Ag Business


Tip #1: Know Your Numbers 

“As anyone in the agriculture business knows, new equipment—even relatively simple and mechanically-based ones—are a significant investment. So, before you make that investment, look very closely at your operation. Dig deep into your numbers. Ask yourself hard questions and be willing to respond with brutally honest answers. Can we afford this investment? What is a conservative estimate of the reduced labor costs and increased productivity? Will we be able to afford the upkeep and repairs? With answers in hand, start researching models and retailers.” 


Tip #2: Communicate Changes 

“It is very easy for everyone on your team to get excited about a shiny new red or green machine. Teams love big, comfortable combines with cooled seats and automated planting systems. People get less excited about robots arriving to take over tasks. No one likes to feel like they are being replaced. At Marion Ag, when we began installing automated systems, staff understood they weren’t being replaced, just that physically demanding tasks were being taken off their plates. In fact, these systems didn’t replace any staff; we’ve actually added staff. If you communicate well BEFORE anything goes in, you’ll have a much smoother transition.” 


Tip #3: Know Your Systems 

“Since our region’s farm operations are so diverse and we plant and process so many different products in the Valley, it usually makes little sense to replace entire systems. Most will begin automating one piece at a time. If all goes well, automated systems will increase speed, accuracy, and overall productivity. Make sure you are willing to adapt how you work and do business. For instance, not long ago, we introduced an online ordering system for our customers. Doing this meant staff across multiple departments needed to consistently feed our ERP system with accurate, up-to-date information. There was a learning curve at first, but with good communication, everyone can adopt new tech without too many headaches and quickly see the benefits.”  

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