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Common Membership Database Issues

Data conversions are always a challenge and our small team is working hard to comb through the transferred data to verify and make corrections where needed. This is an arduous process that must be done by hand and takes significant time.  If you notice that there is something wrong with your account that you aren’t able to correct, such as one of the following issues, please assume that it simply has not yet been corrected:

  • If you have recently (within the past six months) joined SEDCOR and your account shows as expired, we will catch and correct that. We are aware that there was an issue with data when it was converted and know to look for this particular issue.
  • If you sent payment within the last month, when the auto emails went out from our old database, we will be sure that those payments and membership renewals are captured.  Please do not pay again. We’ve been keeping track of this so that we can make those updates as we work through the system.
  • If we normally have an arrangement to trade goods, services, or membership with you but the system calculates a charge, please do not pay the fee, but send Jenni a note to let us know that you’ve renewed so that we can apply our arrangement to your invoice.
  • If you are a city/public agency which is invoiced based on a per capita calculation, please do not make a payment.  We will invoice those separately as we get things settled.


However, if you notice that your name, address, employment count, related contacts, etc. are incorrect, please go ahead and make those changes while you are signing up.  (of note – we have noticed that the ‘county’ line was imported incorrectly on many records.) This new system should allow you to manage all of those things without needing to jump through any special hoops!

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