Industrial Maintenance Operator/Mechanic Training Program

IMOM: Preparing the Next Generation of Workers

The SEDCOR Industrial Maintenance Operator/Mechanic Training Program (IMOM) is an industry-driven skills development program designed to identify and document critical skills of existing employees and transfer the knowledge and expertise to the next generation of workers.


One goal of the IMOM program is to improve skills needed by regional companies for our regional workforce. In every industry in SEDCOR's region, the top employees from companies were interviewed to learn and identify their skills and competencies. The information was used to work on skill development both within the companies and in public/private partnerships with the end goal of being providing hirable skills to high school students.


The information also is being used for hiring purposes and matching IMOM-identified skills with prospective employee skill sets. The information created through IMOM has provided SEDCOR with unique economic development intelligence. It also offers an advantage in recruitment of employees because the region is skilling up its workforce for future needs.


In collaboration with food processors, construction, and manufacturing companies, equipment is donated for projects at several school districts. The blueprints, projects, and raw materials also are supplied by companies for students to gain hands-on experience and skills.





Contact SEDCOR Retention and Expansion Manager and IMOM Coordinator Nick Harville at

or 503-837-1802